September 24, 2023

Neighborhood Growth District 3 supervisors will resolve who could have future authority in deed compliance instances.

The CDD 3 will maintain a public listening to on the matter at 11 a.m. Friday, Sept. 8 at Savannah Middle.

Some neighborhood growth district boards have opted to pay a listening to officer to preside over deed compliance instances. The boards which have moved in that route have indicated they’re pleased to be rid of the duty of ruling in often-sensitive instances which have concerned divisive points together with little white crosses and the sod vs. stone controversy at patio villas.

Nevertheless, different boards have determined to retain the duty, believing their elected duties require them to hearken to the considerations of the folks earlier than them, moderately than turning it over to paid listening to officer, who will not be invested locally.

In 2021, the CDD 3 board handled a very painful case involving lifeless householders within the Village of Polo Ridge and squatters who moved into the deserted house. Neighbors repeatedly attended CDD 3 board conferences to make sure that progress was being made on the property and that order was restored to their neighborhood.

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